For Wednesday December 7

Hi all,

Just to clarify for tomorrow – what you need to turn in:

1. Poster. If the poster is larger than 11″x17″ you do not have to mount it. If the poster is 11″x17″, please mount onto black illustration board with a 1″ border.

2. Postcard. Should be double-sided and printed on card stock. Printing front and back separately and fixing them together is fine.

3. Your 3rd item.

4. A digital folder containing your project work. I’ll copy onto my computer as usual.

If you would like to reprint or re-mount any work you’ve completed throughout the semester, I can help you tomorrow.

Email me with any questions! See you tomorrow between 9.30am – 10am.


Due Monday, December 5

Hi all,

We’ll do another rough crit on Monday – you should have the following:

1. Your finished poster – if you’re printing larger than 11″ x 17″ you can just scale it down for the rough crit if you would like

2. 2 variations of your postcard, front and back

3. 1 variation of your 3rd item

Email me with questions and comments!

Enjoy the weekend.


Project 2 Mounting Template & Project 3 Part 1

Project 2 is due on Monday, 10.24.11. Please hand work into Nancy Bernardo between 11am and noon (during our regular class time). Below is a handout for how to present your business card, letterhead, and envelope.

Mounting Instructions for Project 2

We will start project 3 on Monday, 10.31.11. Below is a handout explaining the work that is due on Monday, 10.31.

Project 3 Part 1 Handout

Email me if you have questions!